A Second Chance

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the second chance

By raquelmitra0115764

So emotional

By mharisce24

Too heavy dramatic scene that every single scene i can relate

love it!!!

By mkeh07

Great movie! I will watch it again!

Second Chance

By dingsule

The whole plot of the story is realistic which could really happen to newly wed couples. Just like what they did on their previous team-up movies, John Lloyd and Bea did an awesome portrayal of their respective roles. Congratulations to the writer, director and the whole cast of the movie. A sequel on the film is not a remote possibility.

Long Movie that Ended Wrong

By bcanton464

John Lloyd Cruz is completely unlikeable in this movie and comes off as somewhat of a mean drunk who bullies his wife. Even when he reconciles with her, you get the feeling he's doing so as an act of desperation, rather than because he's come to a new understanding. For the last half hour I kept thinking, "She's too good for you," or "You may love her, but you need to take a time out and discover if you even like your wife." Filipinos will probably like it, but as a Filipino-American, I thought it would have more resonance if it ended differently. It had the potential to be interesting in a Before Sunrise sort of way if the film had been brave enough to stay true to the life courses of its characters.

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