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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

Rotten Tomatoes Scores


Feb 1, 2017

I have to admit to finding this intricate mythology pretty opaque and the Venn overlap with gaming - a part which devotees find so exciting - is for me baffling.

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Peter Bradshaw

Peter Bradshaw


Top Critic

Jan 26, 2017

"Dark Side" suffers from both too much story and too little.

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Charles Solomon

Charles Solomon

Los Angeles Times

Top Critic

Jun 28, 2017

Perhaps the best aspect of this film overall is how well it acts as a closing chapter.

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Dave Trumbore

Dave Trumbore


Feb 2, 2017

The Dark Side of Dimensions' villain is a bore, but awesome duels and a focus on Kaiba's relationship with the Pharaoh make it a fun movie.

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Miranda Sanchez

Miranda Sanchez

IGN Movies

Jan 27, 2017

Complicated anime will mostly appeal to die-hard fans.

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S. Jhoanna Robledo

S. Jhoanna Robledo

Common Sense Media

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Awesome movie

By davisboy5002

Kaiba is the best character


By jputh611

It's like toy story 3 where you cry when the sad moments happen

Amazing movie!!!

By jessesolis56

Best movie ever made!! After so many years of waiting. I love the fact that is 2 hours long and the whole 2 hours you're entertain. Best duels yet

Yugioh The Dark Side of Dimensions

By themaddhatter31

I personally loved this movie because I'm a huge fan of the original series that started it all. I'm also a huge fan of the card game and still love playing and collecting the game til this day. The story to the film was awesome because it was relevant to the anime storyline. The characters were great and the animation was beautifully done.

Such a good movie

By maderasfinest

This movie was for sure worth it, especially for long time fans.

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